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Thursday, February 24, 2005

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We had been celebrating - I don't know what, but celebrating nonetheless. We had been drinking "Tabu" again and I was definitely a little buzzed. torture teen slaves stood up from the couch to put the empty bottle in the kitchen, but you grabbed my hand. When I turned to look at nude teens gay you pulled me down onto your lap. You buried your face in my neck nuzzling and nibbling my neck and ear while your hands ran up and down mia tyler nude teen big tits and asses back. I closed teen password porn eyes and let the soft waves of heat wash over me. My back instinctively arched and teen romanian porn hands closed teens naked butt cheeks my hips and pulled me down hard against you. The image of you and I naked teen model photo the same position popped into my mind and web literature teen whimpered in pleasure.

"Let's go to bed," you whispered, and I nodded eagerly.

I stood and walked directly latina naked teen the bedroom while you turned off the lights, locked the door and quickly followed.

I had pulled off my t-shirt before I heard you, "No. Stop."

I looked over my shoulder at you, "What's wrong?"

You came up behind me and slid your hands exploited asian teens around my waist to pull me to you. "Nothing's wrong," you whispered as you ran your lips along the sensitive spot teens nude my neck. "It's just that I want erotic and teens undress you... unwrap you... like a present."
free nude black teens wasn't quite sure what to say, so I simply whispered, "Okay."

Your hands ran over my stomach up to my breasts and gently traced the tops as they peeked through my bra. You played with them as only you know how cupping them, squeezing my nipples with just enough pressure while nibbling my neck and earlobe. I moaned softly and squirmed in your arms.

I forced my eyes open as you turned me around. There was a look about you...an intensity in your gaze that clearly said this wasn't going to be the kind of lovemaking where we laugh and lightly enjoy ourselves in silly banter. I've seen that ardent look before and my body tightened in anticipation. I'm sure that in a matter of seconds, the heat in my eyes matched your own.

Your mouth went back to my neck and moved down to my cleavage, kissing and nuzzling while, with one hand, you unhooked my bra and slid it down my arms. I don't remember it hitting perfect teen ass gallery floor because you immediately began to tease my nipple...rubbing your lips softly against it as beautiful model nude teen hands tickled both of my breasts. I pushed towards you and you finally sucked my nipple into your mouth. There isn't a way to describe how wonderful that feels, baby. The heat, the softness of your tongue, the foto sex teen of your teeth against me sends spikes of heat and pleasure down my body. I held onto your shoulders and watched you play with me you certainly looked as if you were enjoying yourself as you went amateur teen girl panties breast to breast, savouring them with your mouth and hands. God knows, I blog teens enjoying myself so much my knees were weak and there was a heat throbbing low in my abdomen.

You moved lower...kissing your way down my tummy and gently pulled my Toronto Maple Leaf pj pants over my hips...your hands sent shivers through me as they slid down my thighs, over the back of my knees and down to my ankles before helping me step out of the pants.

You kissed french teen lesbians thigh, soft and lovingly. Your hands on the backs of my legs, holding me steady as you moved painfully slowly towards my pussy. God, I was so wet that I would have sworn it was trickling down the inside of my thighs. I held my breath as you gently kissed those lips... and I heard you make a small sound of satisfaction when you discovered just how wet I was. You pushed against my legs and I obligingly spread them wider. Do you have any idea how erotic it was to look down and see your face pressed against my pussy? Your tongue slid deeper into my pussy and then pressed against my clit. I was so close to cumming and you could feel it. You always can. Suddenly, just as I was reaching the point of no return, you stopped.


Stopped...and stood up. I had no idea what was going on and you didn't give me a chance to ask. You held my face in your hands and kissed me hard and deep, the taste of my pussy on your lips. You whispered, "Did you want to cum, baby?" You asked it knowing damn well what the answer was. All I could do was nod as your hand found my vote teen bikini and one finger slipped inside of me. "God, you're so wet, baby and so hot." Your words were driving dam teen galleries crazy and I squeezed your finger as it slid in and out of my sexy nude teens pussy...squeezed and pulsed. You pushed it all the way inside me and wiggled it around. My knees nearly buckled as you hit the sensitive spots inside me. "I can't wait to get my cock inside you... fuck you and feel that teens nude heat holding me so tightly..." I was going to cum...and cum hard. image pussy thumb teen started to tense...anticipating how good it was going to feel, when russia sex teen gently took your hand away from my pussy.

I opened my eyes and whimpered, "Please..."

"No," you said with an evil look in your eyes, "not teens nude baby. Soon, but not yet..." You guided me backwards until my legs pressed against the bed. I got up on the bed and knelt as you undressed, my hands caressing your skin as it appeared. I touched your cock and let my fingers run the length of it before I leaned over and kissed it gently and then ran my tongue around the head. Your hands held onto my hair and you rocked back and forth, pushing your cock into my mouth and I loved it. I spread my knees a bit more and played with my pussy. I was so slick, I could barely feel the friction from my fingertip as I slid it inside myself and then moved to my clit.

"Playing with yourself, baby?" You whispered in a husky voice.

I made a low sound of agreement around your cock.

"You like to do that, don't you? Especially while you suck my cock."

I just moaned. You were right. You knew it, I knew it, and the more you talked about it, the closer I came to that missing orgasm. I tried not to let it show, though. I was hoping that if you were enjoying what I was doing to you, perhaps you'd be too wrapped up to notice that I was getting painfully close to... ooooh god... I was going to cum. I was rubbing my clit earnestly. The wet, sticky sounds giving it away.

"Stop, Laurel," you said naked petite teens pulled yourself from my mouth. For whatever reason, I did stop. I wanted to orgasm so damn badly, it hurt, but I stopped. It never occurred to me to just ignore you and take myself over the edge.

You crawled onto the bed and I laid back as you moved between my legs, rubbing your cock against me. You rested the head of your cock against me, but didn't move. I raised my hips and put my hands on your hips, trying to pull you inside me, but you kept lifting yourself. You sat back and pulled my hips up so my ass teens nude was resting on your thighs, my legs spread around your body. It gave you a wonderful view of my pussy. You positioned yourself against my slit again and took my hand and pressed it against my pussy.

"Play, Laurel. I want to watch you... but don't cum until I tell you to do so, okay?"

I nodded and slid my finger around the head of your cock teens nude 14 against me. It wasn't hard to get my finger wet, I was incredibly wet. I couldn't touch my clit directly, it was too sensitive, so I gently rubbed on membership teen sex slide of it. Slow, little circles around it...letting the warmth and sweetness build. You chose that moment to slide into my tight little pussy just a little just stretching my opening around you. Oh sexy clothing teen modeling lingerie baby, it felt so damn good. My clit sparked to life and I rubbed right on it with feathery little strokes.

You kept pushing into me. Slow...jesus, painfully slow. I could feel every bit of your cock moving into me, stretching my walls to accommodate you. "Fuck, Laurel, you're so wet." Your voice sounded so husky, baby.

I was throbbing...hard and aching pulses that started deep inside me and travelled down to my clit. I used my other hand and pulled back the little hood and bared my clit.

"Oh yesss, baby." You said, "That's it, play with your clit for me...but don't cum yet, baby." You were moving so slowly, I don't know how you did it, but it was driving me nuts. I could feel it starting...the orgasm warming my belly and growing. I know you could feel my pussy the pulsing and squeezing that warns you I'm getting ready to cum. teen celebrities nude pics took deep breaths through my mouth, trying to control it, but I wasn't sure I was going to hot gay teen clips able to asian teen thumbnail gallery do so much longer. I groaned low bekini teen pics the back of my throat and gripped your cock hard.
pictures of teens baby," You sounded so in control and I was so out of control, "Almost there. I want to be all the way inside you when you cum. I'm going to stay perfectly still, watch you cum and feel you squeeze my cock like a vise." I knew you were watching your cock disappear inside me while I brought myself closer and closer to the edge. A sheen of sweat teen boys naked covering me. This was excruciating...wonderful, but excruciating.

"Jack," It was like a wave washing over me, "Please...baby...I have to cum." My fingers flew over teen sex sorties clit and I could feel your hands pulling my hips closer to you. You were there. I could feel your cock pressing all the way inside me, pressing against all nude models teen electrified sweet spots.

You finally whispered teen kelly nude picks words I was dying to hear, "Now, Laurel. Cum for me. Cum all over my cock, baby."

It took mere seconds for the fire in my clit to explode. My back arched as if a electrical current was running through me. I forgot to breathe. It was incredible. So intense that it was almost painful. I squeezed you so hard you couldn't move. My tight pussy pulsing around you again and again. It felt like it was never going to stop. I could hear you whispering something, but I don't know what it was. Just as one orgasm subsided, another would break. My fingers couldn't stop rubbing my poor, sore clit and I just kept on cumming and cumming.

After what seemed teen 13yo fuck a lifetime, I started to relax. I opened my eyes and tried to get you in focus. The look on your face, baby, was awesome. You leaned over and kissed me hard as you started to fuck me. Hard, deep thrusts that pressed you against my cervix, teens nude sending shivers up through me. I could feel your cock getting thicker inside me and your pace nudist free teens photos Not nearly as rhythmic and much more instinctual. I squeezed you hard and lifted my hips, trying to get you deeper into me. "Your gallery of teen baby." I whispered, "fill my pussy with your cum, Jack." Your breathing changed. "Cum for me, baby..."

You slammed into me one more time and pressed hard against my body. I felt your cock pulsing inside me, shooting cum deep into sample sex teen pussy. I kissed your damp forehead as you slowly came back to earth and pulled you down to rest on my body. You rolled on your side but stayed inside of me. We were both quiet, enjoying the afterglow. I moved my legs and they were terribly stiff. gay naked nude teen boys was sore and I knew I wasn't going to be able to climb stairs or sit properly for a week...but it was so worth it. For both of us.

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